Bioelectronics – BIO


Biomedical engineering is an emerging and multi-disciplinary area combining the knowledge from various fields such as engineering, biology, medical, material science etc. With the evolution of our aging society, the roles of this field have remarkably increased in the present day. As we can see many applications ranging from diabetic strip test for personal usage to sophisticated medical diagnostic tools such as Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in hospital (handheld / ambulatory). This trend is guaranteed to be continued in the upcoming future. In this cluster, Bioelectronics (BIO) at Department of Electrical Engineering, covers the wide spectrum of students who have different background in science and engineering. We also offer a wide range of excited topics including Biomedical Electronics, Biosensors, Biomedical signal and Image processing etc.







Finite Element Analysis for Electrical Engineers

Biomaterial Science

Sensor Technology and Applications

Medical Instrumentation


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Research Highlight:

  • Biomedical engineering fundamentals: Cell impedance spectroscopy, Cell monitoring system using QCM
  • Biomedical instrumentation: Handheld ECG for stroke patient (CU SCG), Wireless ECG monitoring, Walking stimulation device for Parkinson patient (CU Walking)
  • Biosensors: On-chip malaria detection, Glucose sensor, Nitric oxide sensor
  • Biomedical signal & image processing: ECG, EEG processing, Arrhythmia detection, Seizure detection, CT/MR image segmentation

Cluster Coordinator

Bioelectronics (BIO)

Apiwat Lek-uthai

Professor in the ClusterResearch Interests
Boonchai Techaumnat [BTA]High-voltage engineering, Transmission-line technologies, Numerical field analysis, Particle Electromechanics, Bioelectromagnetics, Micro-Nano engineering, Lab-on-a-Chip, Cell Sorting
Mana Sriyudthsak [MSY]Biosensors & Chemical sensors, Medical Instrumentation, Effect of Electronic Field
Cherdkul Sopavanit [CSN]Switching Audio Power Amplifier , UPS ,Induction Heating, EEG, EKG, Pre-Hospital Bio-Signal Based Telemedicine, Biphasic External Defibrillator, Pulse Oximeter
Chanchana Tangwongsan [CTS]Synthesis of nano particles for various applications, Biomedical instrumentation
Supatana Auethavekiat [SAK]Medical image processing and recognition, image segmentation, image classification
Arporn Teeramongkonrasmee [ATM]Home Health Monitoring, ECG, BCG, Gas Sensors
Chanin Wissawinthanon [CWN]Photonics / Nanophotonics, Optoelectronics, Semiconductor science and technology, Optical / Laser metrology
Apiwat Lek-uthai [ALT]Medical & Physiological Signal Processing