CU-BEMS is a modern Building Energy Management System (BEMS) designed by SGRU research team, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, domestic and international industrial partners, and with financial support from the Energy Conservation fund, Ministry of Energy, Thailand.  The system deploys IEEE 1888 open communication protocol for data collection, storage and management. The data collected through our home-developed smart meter/smart multi-sensor (with selected smart grid ICT technology such as AMR, AMI, Zigbee also being experimented) will be used not only for control the usage of energy in that building, but for raising awareness of the building’s dwellers so that they have enough and clear information to adapt their behaviors relating to energy consumption to achieve the set targets (for energy efficiency). Hence, energy usage profiling, classification and visualization are those key components of the CU-BEMS, where active participation from the people is in fact the prove of success. The first pilot project for CU-BEMS has been installed at group of buildings occupied by Department of Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, since 2014, and is mainly for R&D and demonstration. Recently, the system has also been implemented at Chamchuri 5 building, one of the administrative offices of the university, as part of the energy saving campaign for the whole university.