Guideline for international Master/Ph.D. degree applicants in preparing their application documents

  1. Study in detail the research areas/expertise of potential faculty members who can serve as your proposed thesis advisors
  1. Identify one research cluster that matches your study goal the most
  1. Email the faculty member(s) who serve as your chosen research cluster’s coordinator (see emails at In the email, specify 1 or 2 potential faculty members who can serve as your proposed thesis advisors. Describe what research problems you would like to study. Attach with the email your CV, past academic records, and list of published papers/awards.
  1. After the cluster coordinator checks the availability of one or two potential faculty members, the coordinator will notify the applicant to contact the available faculty member.
  1. Email to contact the faculty member to discuss in detail the possibility of the research topic/area.
  1. If the faculty member agrees to endorse your application, develop a “statement of purpose” to detail the proposed research topic/area. The applicant must consult closely with the faculty member in this process. Specify into the statement of purpose the name of that faculty member. And ask for an endorsement letter from the faculty member. (email endorsement is acceptable) please combine statement of purpose and endorsement letter within 1 file.
  1. If the faculty member does not agree to endorse your application, then the applicant can inform the cluster coordinator for another chance to discuss it with one more faculty member.
  1. With the endorsement letter from the faculty member, the applicant can now proceed to submit all application documents to the department for further admission and scholarship consideration. Without this endorsement letter, the department will automatically reject the application.

Steps [5-7] can take up to one month in practice. So, international applicants interested in the departmental MEng or Ph.D. programs must plan well ahead of all application deadlines.